Athletes and Depression – How to Cope With It

Depression is common, but it is unfortunate that very few people know how to deal with it.  Poor management of depression can have a series of negative effects on health and can even cause you to take unhealthy and unhelpful actions, like substance abuse.  If depression has already led you into substance abuse, you can register at any of the rehab centers closest to you. Treating addiction in rehab centers can give you access to professionals, who can use their expertise to turn the tide in your favor.  The professionals can teach you how to overcome substance abuse and how to avoid ever going back into it.

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Sadness or depression can be as a result of disappointments, helplessness or a sense of loss.  The problem is almost always difficult to deal with, especially if the cause seems to be permanent, like the death of a loved one. Despite bring depression, sadness can also be a weapon for something good in that it can help us to appreciate our times of happiness.  As stated earlier, poor management of sadness and depression can lead you into substance abuse.

Strategies to cope with depression

  • Set specific goals for your daily activities and plan the entire day ahead. You can do this better by making a written list of the things you want to accomplish by the end of that particular day. try as much as possible to stick to your plan for the day
  • Try to spend more time on those specific activities that you enjoy most each day. It will elevate your mood. However, do not let that particular activity interfere with other important things you are supposed to do for that day.
  • Avoid making a comparison between your current depressed or sad state and your past happy days; doing this can cause you to sink further into depression
  • Be ready to reward yourself for every good thing you achieve. Yes, learn to give yourself a path in the back and it will enliven your mood and encourage you to forge ahead.
  • Do not despair when faced with a difficult task. Instead, divide the task into different steps or categories and take things a step at a time.
  • Finally, you can find help with exercising. It can increase the “feel good” hormone in you and help you to cope better with the problem.


If the tips given above do not seem to help alleviate your mood and put an end to the depression, trying holistic retreats can prove helpful. At the holistic retreat centers, you will meet experienced professionals, who can guide you on how to be free from depression.