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Basic Volleyball Rules Explained

Volleyball is a popular sport among people of both genders and all ages. This sport promotes teamwork and it helps maintain a good health. As with all sports, it has a set of rules that you must first understand in order to be able to play. Therefore, in case you are passionate about volleyball or simply curious, read the following lines to learn the rules of this sport.

Players in the team

Every team must have 6 players on the court. Three of them are front row players, and three of them are back row players. Each team is allowed to have a libero player who wears a different color shirt. The libero player is a back row player who is a defensive specialist.

The serve

The server must stay behind the end line when he is serving. The position is maintained until after contact. The player may serve overhand or underhand. The ball must be clearly visible to the opponents before serve. For point, the served ball may graze the net and drop to the other side of the court. The first game serve is determined by a volley, and each subsequent game will be served by the previous game loser. Also, the serve must be returned by a bump only.


When it comes to scoring, rally can be used. On every score of the ball, there will be a point given to one of the teams. The offense will score out of bound hits or on a defense miss. The defense will score out of bound hits, serve into the net, or on an offensive miss. Also, the game will be played to 25 points or until there’s a difference of 2 points between the teams if the score passes 25 points.

Playing the game

There is a maximum of three hits allowed per side. A player must not hit the ball twice in succession. During a volley and on serve, the ball can be played off the net. If the ball touches the boundary line, it’s good. A good hit is when contact is made with the ball by a player’s body above and including the waist. In case two or more players contact the ball at the same time, it’s considered one play. The players involved are not allowed to participate in the next play. A player isn’t allowed to attack or block a serve. Also, after the serve, it’s allowed for the front line players to switch positions.

Basic rule violations

If the player steps on or over the line as he serves, it’s considered a fault. A point is lost in case the players fails to serve the ball over the net successfully. Players are not allowed to carry, palm, or throw the ball. It’s forbidden for players to reach under the net. A point is lost in case the players fail to serve in the correct order. Also, it’s forbidden to block or spike from a position which is not behind the 10-foot line if the player is in a back row position.