Sports Training

How to Train for a Marathon

Running a marathon is a real accomplishment if you actually make it to the finish line and you don’t give up half the way. If you want to achieve the performance of finishing a marathon, you have to prepare properly. Therefore, in case you are interested in running a marathon, read the following lines to learn how to train for such a challenge.

Train at home with the ProForm Pro 7500 treadmill

The most important part of training for a marathon is to make sure that you get the needed workout on a daily basis. This can be ensured if you use the ProForm Pro 7500 treadmill to run as often as you can in the comfort of your own home. To purchase this treadmill you will have to spend $1500. The reason why recommend this model is that it offers a realistic workout due to the fact that it offers both incline and decline capabilities. The Pro 7500 model can incline up to 15 percent, and it can decline to -3 percent. The 4.0 HP motor provides a maximum speed of 12 MPH, which is more than enough for someone who is training for a marathon. It can support a person that weighs up to 350 pounds. It comes with the iFit technology that will make your time spent running on the treadmill more fun. In addition, the shock absorption function of this model ensures that you won’t get hurt while training for the marathon.

Threshold workouts that will help you get in shape

Threshold workouts are vital for those who train for marathons. During these workouts, the body begins to use more glycogen for energy instead of using fat. The workouts will help you run faster with less effort as well. The best threshold workout that you can do is to warm up 3 minutes walking, and run 10 minutes at an easy effort. Repeat this four to five times. At the end, run five minutes at maximum intensity, and recover by jogging for two minutes once the time is up. Cool down completely by running easy for five minutes, and walk slowly for three minutes.

High-intensity interval workouts

The final step in your marathon training is to do high-intensity interval workouts. These workouts are the toughest when it comes to the effort that you put in them, but they make dramatic changes in speed, metabolism, and overall fitness. The best high-intensity interval workout is to warm up three minutes walking, after which you run for 10 minutes at an easy effort. Repeat this for two or three times. Afterwards, run at maximum speed for one minute, and recover by jogging or walking for one minute. Run an additional two minutes at maximum speed, after which jog or walk for another minute. At the end, run at maximum speed for three minutes, and walk it off for one minute.