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Latest Gadgets and Devices You Can Use to Lower Your Handicap

If you haven’t yet mastered your golf game, don’t feel bad as you are surely not the only one. The truth of the matter is that golf is quite a challenging sport, one where most don’t do that well as a perfect hand to eye coordination is needed, among other things. Some people have a hard time on the course as they have just begun to practice golf and not yet master their swing or know the clubs all that well, while other, despite having experience, still make mistakes and lack accuracy as they don’t seem to have that natural flair when it comes to this sport. On the bright side, this is not a big issue, as regardless of the category you fall into, there are more than enough gadgets and devices which can help lower your handicap and improve your score when you play.

#1 – Swing analyzers

There is a significant similitude between live shot tracking systems and swing analysis gadgets as they basically fulfill the same role – providing you with data regarding the quality of your swing. Thus, there is no need to put them into separate categories but rather talk about the golf gadget which is used more often. Obviously, swing analysis gadgets deliver swing data that help you better understand what aspects you need to work on, data like tempo, attack angle, club speed, face angle, shot distance, average drive, and so on. While all analyzers basically fulfill the same role, and they all transmit the collected data on your smartphone or selected smart device, they do differ when it comes to the way you mount them – some are mounted on your glove, while others must be mounted on the club. Their small profile and the fact that this market is filled with options to choose between makes analyzers quite an appealing acquisition for a high-handicap golfer who wants to get better at the game.

#2 – Laser-guided rangefinders

This is one of the most saturated markets, so it is impossible for you to not have already heard of rangefinders. Laser-guided models are some of the most accurate and intuitive to use, relying on their tech to deliver accurate measurements from hundreds of miles away. This means that you will be able to know what the exact distance to the next hole is to more precisely calculate the strength with which you have to hit the ball. Obviously, depending on the model you choose, you can enjoy other perks as well – incline/decline to the pin, temperature, altitude, hazards, and so on. As of the moment you start using a range finding golf device, you won’t ever miscalculate your distances and you will know exactly how each natural or situational element impacts the playing distance.

#3 – Watches

Watches are no longer only the wearable you put on to tell the time, as they have evolved into much more useful gadgets. Proof is the golf watch that acts as a caddie around your wrist as it provides you with yardages, keeps score, delivers useful tips on how to swing for a more accurate shot, and so on. These watches come with pre-uploaded course maps on them, depending on the model you choose, some featuring a more complete array of courses while others only a few. However, regardless of the choice you make, you can connect the watch to your smart device and upload the course you are on so that you know how the terrain is, what hazards await, what distances you are dealing with between holes, and so on. Furthermore, seeing how the watch is usually paired to a smartphone, you even receive e-mails and texts over it so that you won’t have to lose time staring at the screen of the phone when you are on the course.

#4 – Simulators

Golf simulation devices are year-round practice tool all golfers need, regardless of their skill level. With a simulator, you can polish your skills all year long in the comfort of your home, playing golf and working on your swings so that you are better prepared the next time you hit the course. There are different models to pick between, and depending on your budget, you can either have a highly realistic experience when practicing, or a decent one, getting to select between a few simulated courses and getting the chance to analyze a few aspects of your swings in order to work on your flaws. Yes, you read that right, simulators not only do the obvious, which is to simulate a course, but they provide you with swing metrics and shot data that help you analyze and improve your game.

Cost-free methods and tips to improve your handicap

As challenging as golf may get, there are ways to improve yourself at it and lower your handicap without the use of gadgets or devices. However, do note that this implies a more serious approach on your side if you want to see results fast. But let’s not hover any longer and see what the cost-free methods you can use to transform into a better golf player are:

  • Practice – Yes, you might be tired of the old saying that practice makes perfect, but the only reason why we repeat it is that it is true. As often as you can, hit the course or even your backyard and work on your swings to see a difference in accuracy and precision.
  • Work on your flexibility – Your physical state and the quality of your golf game are more tightly linked to each other than you could imagine. Just think about it, how are you supposed to actually deliver quality swings if you can’t move your arms back sufficiently? Thus, make sure that you stretch before you start playing, and work on your physical condition to make sure you will have the needed strength and flexibility to play, as well as stamina to keep on going until you hit the last hole.
  • Set your mind free – No matter the activity you perform, you won’t be able to do it right if you keep on thinking about your personal issues. When it comes to golf this is especially true as it is a game where your mind needs to be clear so that you can focus on calculating how hard you must hit the ball depending on external factors so that it enters the hole in as few shots as possible. A little yoga or meditation in your free time will help you have a better grip on your thoughts, being able to suppress them when you are on the course instead of letting them cloud your judgment and deliver a string of mishits.
  • Search the internet – There are plenty of tips regarding golf swing improvement on the internet, tips which sometimes even come from professional players. And the best news is that all of these tips are free! Therefore, you won’t need to dive into your savings to get a better idea of what you need to do to improve your golf game, but rather just take some time to read what others share from their own experience.