Most Memorable World Cup Games Of All Time

Soccer is a very competitive sport. When the World Cup starts, people from all around the globe start rooting for their home countries to win the most important soccer event. Along time, there have been certain matches that redefined soccer history. If you want to find out which are the must watch matches of all time in the World Cup for you to witness soccer from another world, read the following lines.

Italy 4 – 3 West Germany AET, 1970 Semi-Final

The semi-final game between Italy and West Germany in 1970 is best known as the “Game of the Century”. The game left soccer fans stunned to the point where it has its own monument outside the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, where the game was played. The first 90 minutes were filled with drama, Italy taking an 8 minute lead over West Germany. The Germans equalised with the last kick of the game through none other than Karl-Heinz Schnellinger, a defender. In the 30 minutes of extra time, 5 goals were scored in a battle of endurance and survival of the fittest. The final goal that made Italy the winner of the semi-final was scored by Gianni Rivera.

Hungary 2 – 3 West Germany, 1954 Final

The 1954 final of the World Cup saw an interesting turn of events as Hungary was defeated by West Germany in Berne. The Magyars were undefeated for 31 matches, among their victories being the very impressive win when they were faced with England at Wembley. The Hungarian team based their undefeated strategy around a brilliant quartet of forwards that included József Bozsik, Sándor Kocsis, Nándor Hidegkuti, and Ferenc Puskas. Within 8 minutes until the end of the match, Hungary was leading West Germany 2-0. This is the reason why the events that followed shocked everyone. Unfortunately for them, in the 84th minute of the match, Uwe Rhan scored the victory goal for the German team. In Germany, this match is known as “The Miracle of Bern”. This is how unlikely their victory was.

Brazil 2 – 3 Italy, 1982 Second Round Group C

Brazil’s team that played in the 1982 World Cup is still seen to this day as the greatest side never to win this prestigious title. Prior to the match against Italy, Brazil scored 13 goals in four matches, delighting soccer fans everywhere with their sublime football. To qualify into the semi-finals, all they needed was a draw against the Azzurri team. The irony is that Italy has struggled badly in the competition, drawing all three of their first round group games before the showdown with Brazil. Also, they had issued a press silence after massive media criticism on their first games. Therefore, no one expected that Italy would defeat Brazil’s dream team.