Popular sports on social media

Social media has become one of the biggest promotors and stakeholders for basically everything. A lot of people started to gain good money in the influencer industry on various websites and building strong careers. And since it’s the best way to promote anything, sports have their special place in this whole digital world. People find it entertaining and motivating to watch other people or teams play different kinds of sports, especially the ones that show you how to lose weight or the most popular in their preferences as team sports (basketball, baseball, soccer and so on). It’s also a nice way to interact with your idols, since most profiles are personal if we’re talking about individuals. Usually it’s all about the show and fans love to see their favourite players in action wherever they can find them and videos fulfil their need for action. It’s also interesting to see how their lives go, what they do in their spare time, how they keep their bodies fit and even some practice “bloopers”.


This is one of the most popular sports worldwide and it’s understandable since there is a lot to see in a basketball game. It’s also fun and a lot a suspense when it’s the season for changing players. Also, the biggest stars of this sport have some pretty awesome private lives and families that they are happy to share with their followers on social media. For example, LA Lakers have a rough 4.2 million followers in total on their accounts and they are pretty active every day.


In general, skating is a very entertaining sport as it takes a lot of skill, talent and dedication to practice it as it is also pretty hard. You can easily fall and get injured if you do not pay attention and even the most famous skaters go through bag times. Social media is full of such either awesome or fail videos of beginners or advanced people that practice it. The most popular on social media, however, is skateboarding and you find some awesome skaters to follow on Instagram if you want to see for yourself how fulfilling and amazing this sport is.

Fitness and yoga

This is the sports area that started to bloom lately as more and more people are trying to lose weight. Here are also efficient and effective apps to help you do that, but the programmes they have may not be suited for everybody’s needs. There are a lot of fitness coaches on social media that are trying to help people find their body type and what diet and exercises they should do in order to, lose weight, keep fit and stay healthy and a lot of them have a great success. These accounts usually encourage a healthy lifestyle from A to Z, not only talking about doing sport and eating good food, but also about the state of mind and how to help yourself to be happier every day. And lately the most popular are couples workouts, which besides looking nice, are great for the both practitioners.