Predictions For The UEFA Euro 2016

One of the most important events in soccer is the UEFA Euro competition. This year, the event will take place between the 10th of June and the 10th of July. There are 24 teams that will fight each other during this period in the group stage and the knockout stage to win the title. But which national team will win the prestigious trophy? If you want to find out our predictions for the UEFA Euro 2016, read the following lines.

Group stage

In group A of the UEFA Euro 2016, Albania, France, Romania, and Switzerland will face each other off. We predict that the group will be won by France, Romania coming in second, Switzerland third, and Albania fourth. Group B of the event contains the teams of England, Russia, Slovakia, and Wales. Most probably, this group will be won by England. Also, we predict that Russia will come in second, followed by Wales on the third spot and that the loser of the group will be Slovakia. Group C contains Germany, Northern Ireland, Poland, and Ukraine. In this group, the first place will be secured by Germany, Ukraine coming in second, while Northern Ireland will occupy the third spot and Poland will fall on the fourth place. Group D is composed of Croatia, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Turkey. Spain will probably win the group, the second place being secured by the Czech Republic, the third spot by Turkey, and the fourth by Croatia. In group E, we have Belgium, Italy, the Republic of Ireland, and Sweden. Here the winner of the group will be Sweden, followed by Italy on the second spot. Also, the third spot we predict that will be occupied by Belgium, and the fourth by the Republic of Ireland. Last but not least, group F hosts Austria, Hungary, Iceland, and Portugal. The winner of the group will be Portugal, followed by Austria on the second spot, while Hungary will be the third in rank, and Iceland will be the fourth.

Knockout stage

In the round of 16 stage of the knockout stage, we predict that Romania will play against Ukraine and they will win. Spain will be confronted with Belgium and they will win as well. The match between England and Turkey will have England as the winner. The match between Portugal and Italy will most probably have Portugal as the winner. In the fight between Germany and Hungary, Germany will conquer. When Sweden faces off with the Czech Republic, they will most likely win. The cold derby between Russia and Austria will have the Russians as winners. Unfortunately, we predict that the host of the event, France, will lose when they will face Northern Ireland. In the quarter-finals, Romania will be defeated by Spain, England will defeat Portugal, Germany will win against Sweden, and Russia will defeat Northern Ireland. When the semi-finals come, we predict that Spain will win the match against England and that Germany will defeat Russia. This means that according to our predictions, the final of the UEFA Euro 2016 will be held between Spain and Germany, a fight that we think is going to end with Spain’s victory.