Workout Ideas for People with Limited Mobility

Being a person with limited mobility doesn’t mean that you can’t do exercise at all. It actually means that workouts are highly recommended in order to improve your condition. There are certain exercises that you must do, and they are not difficult at all. Here are the most efficient workout ideas for people with limited mobility.

Go for some flexibility exercises

These wonderful exercises will help you reduce stiffness and pain. Stretching exercises are part of this category, and they are without a doubt very efficient. They can be done on the floor or seated. If you go for Tai Chi, then this exercise can easily be modified and adapted to be put into practice while seated. People who deal with impaired mobility will find this type of workout very easy to do, and extremely enjoyable at the same time. They can be done at the gym, or right in the comfort of your home, in case you have a personal trainer.

Cardio exercises are highly recommended

People who deal with impaired mobility, cannot do an intense workout, and therefore, cardiovascular exercises would be perfect for them. This type of exercise actually includes any type of movement that will raise your heart rate, and it will also increase endurance. Furthermore, even if you are confined to a wheelchair, you can still go for cardio exercise, which is absolutely amazing. Wheelchair-bound people can still be very active, no matter the age.

Strength training exercises

If you are looking for some workout ideas for people with limited mobility, then these exercises are definitely what you need. By putting them into practice, you will strengthen your muscles and bones as well. You will do this by using weights or by using other resistance-type exercises. In order to improve your balance and your strength as well, you must choose this type of exercises. Even if you deal with limited mobility, you can still do a similar workout in order to strengthen your arms, core, back, and shoulders. If you do the seated exercises as well, then you will also be able to strengthen your lower extremities. All in all, the results will be absolutely amazing, exactly from the day you start with your workout.

Seated exercise is also great

If you are a person who uses a mobility scooter all the time, then you don’t need to worry as you will be able to go for a seated workout. The key is to move your body as much as you can. There are some fun and enjoyable exercises that can be done while listening to music. They are very efficient, and they help you feel a lot better.