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Best Hockey Matches of All Time

Hockey is an intense sport that has graced its most passionate fans with a lot of unforgettable moments and matches over time. If you are a fan of this sport, you surely want to know which are the best hockey matches of all time. Therefore, in case you want to witness hockey taken to a whole new level, read the following lines to find out which are the matches that you must see.

United States vs. Soviet Union, 1980 Winter Olympics

One of the most unforgettable and important matches of all time is the 1980 Winter Olympics clash between the United States and the Soviet Union. The match is known worldwide to this day as the “Miracle on Ice”. The United States team was represented by college players who were far behind the Soviet Big Red Machine when it comes to experience. In an exhibition game played before the event at the Lake Placid Games, the United States team got beat up badly by the Soviets by 10-3. This score seemed to reflect the future meeting between the two teams, but this wasn’t the case as the Americans played hockey like they were out of their minds in the Winter Olympics game. The game is extremely special not only due to the fact that the Americans defeated the best hockey team of the moment, but it’s special due to the fact that they defeated their hated Cold War rivals as well.

Canada vs. Soviet Union, 1987 Canada Cup Final

Canada has seen its fair share of euphoric moments when it comes to hockey. In the 1987 edition of the Canada Cup, they fought back after a weak first period in the deciding game. There were no more than 90 seconds to go, and the game was tied at 5 late. Coach Mika Keenan sent out the line that seemed to be made in hockey heaven, putting megastars Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky together on the ice. The Soviet Union team allowed the most prolific scorers in hockey history to break out in a 2-on-1. Lemieux buried the winner on a pass from Gretzky, the goal being one of the most memorable goals ever scored.

Montreal Canadiens vs. HC CKSA Moscow, 1975 New Year’s Eve

The clash between the Montreal Canadiens and HC CKSA Moscow on New Year’s Eve in 1975 is often mentioned as being the greatest hockey game ever played. What can be said for sure is that this match is the greatest tie ever. The legendary team of the HC CKSA Moscow was seeking revenge for the loss to the Montreal Canadiens in the 1972 Summit Series. In 1972, the Canadiens had the best team in the NHL history. They had lost only 11 times in an 80 game season, setting a record for points with 127 points. They had dominated the HC CKSA Moscow team, outshooting them 38-13. Thankfully for the Moscow team, the great players Vladislav Tretiak and Ken Dryden made sure that the final score would be a tie, giving fans of the sport everywhere a reason to remain speechless.