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Fitness Gadgets Recommended by Professional Athletes

For a healthy living and staying in a good shape, everyone should exercise regularly and should own at least one fitness gadget that can maximize their workout results. Professional athletes are used to various gadgets that have been designed in order to help them monitor several body parameters that influence the efficiency of their workout routine. Take their example and choose the following fitness gadgets that professional athletes recommend themselves for the ultimate fitness experience.

Fitbit Force Fitness Tracker

This device is a wearable tech monitor bracelet tat tracks your daily activities like sleep patterns, heart rate, calories burned, or the number of steps taken. All this information enables it to set your fitness routine and calculate your weight loss rate so you will know how to choose and perform your workout. The Fitbit Force works with Windows or Mac and can be connected to any device via Bluetooth and it can display time as well, so you can wear it as a watch.

Withings Pulse Activity Tracker

Similar to the fitness tracker only this one goes into your pocket, the Withings monitors your daily activities, your sleep, and your pulse rate and allows you to memorize and check the activities from the previous 10 days. It’s compatible with IOS and Android devices and can sync with over 100 apps that will allow you to measure calories and pounds lost.

Lumo Run Shorts and Leggings

These clothing items are part of the wearable technology that allows you to monitor your fitness performance. Suitable for both men and women, the shorts and leggings measure your stride length, your pelvic rotation, count your steps, and gather any other information that could help you improve your physical shape. Although these garments contain multiple sensors, you can wash them in the washing machine.

KuaiWear Coaching Headphones

These headphones use biometric sensors that measure several fitness parameters like heart rate or the number of exercises performed and send real-time data to any device via Bluetooth so you can store all the information and observe your progress. The battery lasts for about seven hours and you can dive as low as three meters while wearing the headphones.

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

Instead of just measuring your body weight, this smart scale is a body fat analyzer that takes measurements of your body fat, visceral fat, and muscle mass so you will know exactly how much weight you have lost. This scale connects via WiFi to any type of device so you can store all the information and create a fitness history.