How to Achieve the Ideal Temperature in a Home Gym

When designing a home gym, there are some aspects that must be taken into account once you have finished equipping and decorating the place. The ambient temperature is one of those aspects that regard not only the level of comfort of your workout sessions but also how safe you develop your exercises. Given the importance of a constant temperature, here are some solutions that will help you achieve the ideal temperature in a home gym.

Cool the air with a tower fan

The recommended temperature in your home gym should range between 68 and 74 degrees so that you will feel comfortable while exercising. If the temperature inside the gym gets too high, you are prone to suffer from dehydration because you will sweat very much and the effects of dehydration can go as far as endangering your life. People who workout in hot rooms are exposed to heat exhaustion and even heat stroke, so cooling the air in the home gym is mandatory. Using a tower fan can help you create a breeze of cool air without overburdening your household electricity bill. The tower fan spreads cool air on a wide area thanks to its tall shape and the oscillating feature that maximize its efficiency.

Keep the gym warm in the winter with an infrared heater

Most likely, you will be using the gym in the winter as often as in the summer so it’s important to keep it warm and cozy so you will prevent colds and breathing problems. For this, you will need an efficient heater that creates a warm and pleasant feeling and a top choice would be the infrared heater that emits infrared heat that makes you feel warm without warming the air too much. This way, you will still feel comfortable during your exercises and you will be able to use your home gym all year round.

Achieve the proper humidity level with a dehumidifier

The air humidity is also important because it influences how the air feels and maximizes the efficiency of the cooling and heating systems. The proper air humidity should be somewhere around 45-50% with small fluctuations that shouldn’t be noticed. Usually, air humidity tends to increase which makes the air feel damp and triggers the development of mold spores that are very dangerous to your health. Luckily, you can keep the humidity in the gym under control by using a dehumidifier designed to absorb air moisture.