How to get the most out of your Fitbit Charge


Fitbit Charge is a neat little accessory. What it does is make exercising a lot more fun. You can track workout, personalize your exercise, and monitor your intake. This may not seem a great deal of fun for someone who isn’t in the habit of exercising, but it is. With Fitbit, you great deal from your exercise experience. If you have a Fitbit Charge, then you are probably curious how you can get the most out of your gadget. If this is the case, you should better keep on reading.

Buy Fitbit Charge accessories

There is no point in having a fitness tracker if you don’t have the right accessories. Online stores like Mobile Mob make available tons of useful accessories and it would be a shame not to take advantage of them. The question now is what accessories you should get. Well, if you have a Fitbit Charge, you will need a charger cable. The cord that came with your device might not last a very long time and when the charger cable breaks down, it’s useful to have a replacement at hand.  It doesn’t matter if the Fitbit connector you find online is a little bit short. You can add an USB extension.

Other things you will need are bands and lots of them. You aren’t just wearing a fitness tracker; you are wearing one of the most fashionable sports accessories out there. Opt for a pink or a Milanese strap and upgrade your style. You might want to pay attention to the size of the wristband.

Learn how to maximise Fitbit Charge battery life

Generally speaking, your fitness tracker lasts for 5 days. Surprising as it may seem, it’s possible to maximise the life of your Fitbit Charge. What you have to do is turn off the All-Day synchronisation. This feature is an excellent one yet it consumes a lot of battery power, which is the reason why you should kill it. Turning off the All-Day sync will give you at least one more day.  

Improve Fitbit Charge accuracy

Despite the fact that Fitbit Charge is a highly accurate device, you may experience errors at times. To make sure that the fitness tracking device is accurate, check your personal information. It is very important to measure your stride length. The Fitbit has to guess this kind of information, so don’t be surprised if it might not get it right. Measure and adjust your stride length. Another thing to keep in mind is to wear the fitness tracker on the right hand. You have to wear the Fitbit on the dominant wrist to allow the gadget to calibrate itself.

Pair the Fitbit Charge with your smartphone

If you really want to get the most out of your Fitbit Charge, pair it with your smartphone. Only good can come out of this. The fitness tracker connects to the phone’s GPS system, gathering necessary info to monitor your walks and run. GPS connectivity is only one thing the Fitbit will use.