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Is it a Good Idea to Hit the Sauna after a Workout

You probably have heard about the effects the sauna has on the body and how it can help you relax after a tiresome day, but can it really be effective in alleviating muscle pain after a workout? If your trainer ever told you to hit the sauna after a workout and you were skeptical about the idea, here are some arguments that will convince you of the benefits the sauna has on a tired and strained body.

The sauna accelerates blood pressure

It’s a known fact that heat relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation because the blood vessels dilate and the blood gets to the organs faster. An accelerated blood flow enables the body to release hormones that heal pain and induce a feeling of good. This is why using the sauna is a recommended therapy for athletes and people exposed to intense physical efforts. Sitting in the sauna for a short amount of time after a workout can help you soothe muscles and relax your entire body to a point where pain becomes more bearable.

The infrared heat in the sauna penetrates the tissues

Saunas that use infrared heat are even more beneficial than the ones that use wood burners because the temperatures created by the infrared heaters are more comfortable and easier to bare than the ones created by the regular heaters. The infrared heat emitted by the heaters penetrates the tissues in depth, which makes them more appropriate for use in case of muscle soreness or strain. Also, relaxed muscles after an intense workout are more likely to grow and to build muscular mass, which is an essential part of any workout.

A sauna session can help you relax

The main reason why people take sauna baths is because it helps them relax and get rid of all the tension in their body after a long and tiresome day. The high temperatures created inside the sauna help your muscles relax and loosen so that all the pain and discomfort felt after an intense physical activity such as the workout can be eliminated. Along with a massage, the sauna can become your best relaxation routine that can promote a better mood and less body tension.

The conclusion

Bottom line, you can safely hit to the sauna after a workout because it can actually make you feel less pain and heal strained muscles. However, you must not exaggerate and you must hydrate very well because your body is likely to feel dehydrated after sweating in the gym and sitting in the hot sauna can make you feel weakened.