Sports Training

Massage Therapy for Sore or Strained Muscles

Anyone who has exercised at least once in their life knows how awful is the muscles soreness experienced after an intense workout session. Intense effort during workouts can also cause what it’s called a strain, which is an injury on a muscle that has been pulled to its maximum. This is a serious issue and, depending on how severe it is, it can be treated with massage or it can require surgery. For the milder muscle strains and soreness, we recommend using a massage chair that can ease pain and retrieve comfort.

A massage for healing back pain

Using a massage chair, you can focus on the pain in your back are that can be caused by improper movements during the workouts. The massage chairs feature rollers or airbags that mimic the motions of professional masseurs and deliver powerful yet relaxing movements that help you alleviate back pain. The massage chair offers plenty of massage techniques and options that are very efficient in relaxing the muscles that have suffered a trauma during workouts. For added efficiency, massage chairs include a heated lumbar area that applies heat to your lower back in order to heat the muscles, accelerate blood circulation, and heal back pain.

Soothe your muscles with a full body massage

Massage chairs don’t only focus on a certain area of your body but can also deliver a full body massage that handles each muscle group with gentle yet efficient movements. The airbags and rollers of the massage chair cover your entire body area and insist on areas like the calves, the buttocks, and the shoulders where you experience the most muscle soreness. Massage chairs with a reflexology option and head cushions cover your body from head to toe so you can heal workout pain in any area of your body.

Acupressure relieves pressure points

For an advanced massage therapy, you can resort to massage chairs that feature an acupressure option designed to alleviate pain and discomfort from certain areas in your body. The latest massage chairs offer an advanced technique based on locating the pressure points in your body by using a scanning technology. The complete scan of your body enables the massage chair to detect key pressure points along the spine so it can customize the massage movements according to your needs. Once the massage chair performs a quick scan, it chooses the proper massage movements like kneading or Shiatsu in order to offer you a healing and relaxing massage that will calm strained muscles.