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Surfing for beginners: equipment and safety rules


Surfing is a popular water sport that comes with plenty of benefits, physically, mentally and emotionally. These include increased flexibility and improved balance, cardiovascular health, vitamin D necessary for strong bones, quality sleep, core and legs workout, muscle strengthening, stress relief and relaxation, not to mention about the ability of admiring the beauty of nature. Professionals consider it a passion or an intense physical activity. They ride the waves with excitement and great body coordination. For beginners however, the situation changes because they must invest time and patience in order to learn at least the basics moves. In fact, before even coming close to the water, they need to gather the required equipment and learn how to sit properly on the board. Since each wave is different, a surfer must be able to adapt to the ever-changing environment, which makes surfing probably the most complex water sport in the world. Factors like the learning curve, the proper surfboard and location, surf ethics and techniques are crucial for a novice or intermediate.

Essential pieces of surfing gear that every beginner must own

This article has the purpose to help any beginner who decides to grasp the nettle and conquer the waves by proving useful information regarding essential pieces of surfing equipment and safety precautions. Starting with the equipment, it consists in surfboard, which is self-explanatory, wetsuit, surf wax and leash, ear plugs and sunscreen. The sun is beneficial, but you still have to protect your skin. Over time, you will be able to purchase gadgets that will make your life easier, but first you should focus on mastering a few techniques and then investing in professional equipment. Even more, you will have to think about a place to keep all of them after the summer season ends. If your house does not have enough space, you should consider exploring storage units Vancouver and carefully placing your water sport gear. Do you know how to care for your surfboard? Of course, when using it you have to apply a coat of wax in order to add texture and prevent from slipping around when being offshore, but when you are done, you have to leave it in the sun and scrape off the wax.

Safety comes first: do not overlook surfing rules

Moving on, as a beginner, you incline towards making mistakes, but this represents the natural process of learning. These mistakes refer to not choosing the right size for the board and attempting to ride big waves, not being physically prepared and not applying wax on the surfboard, surfing without supervision or at least a friend, not analyzing the surf conditions and not learning the safety rules. Even though seeing a professional in action makes it look easy, you could put your life at risk if you do not invest in lessons with an experienced surf instructor. You will improve only under his watchful eye and only by benefiting from his guidance. Furthermore, you have to be an excellent swimmer, in case you fall off the surfboard in deep water. Do not overlook this aspect.